The Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA) is a non-government organization that advocates making good governance a shared responsibility. It was founded in December 2000 by a group of fellows headed by Dr. Jesus P. Estanislao with the aim of raising the standards of public governance in our country. In order to achieve these transformations, ISA teaches and implements the Performance Governance System (PGS) – the official Philippine adaptation of the Balanced Scorecard of the Harvard Business School –  in national government agencies, local government units, sectoral associations and universities.

The PGS is a performance management framework that builds on the potentials of government organizations, allowing them to implement strategic projects to achieve and sustain their goals. Two of ISA’s partners – the Cities of San Fernando, Pampanga and Iloilo – have been recognized by the Palladium Group for achieving breakthrough results in their implementation of the PGS. Today, ISA works with 40 PGS Partners in various stages of the Governance Pathway.